Training day nutrition & supplement schedule

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If you’re going to train like the elite rugby players on the MSC roster then getting your nutrition and supplementation right is key to achieving optimal performance. This 4,000 calorie nutrition schedule is based on the real diet of an international rugby star who needs a much higher than average intake of energy and nutrients to power him through his gruelling training sessions and maximise his recovery afterwards.

How you fuel your body is a key component of physical preparation for peak performance. The combination of a macronutrient rich diet and premium quality sports supplements are essential building blocks of realising your full potential. The schedule below is focused on maintaining or increasing lean muscle mass while boosting energy levels and promoting overall good health.


MSC Nutrition Key Insight:

“Limit fat intake at breakfast as it is the slowest macronutrient to be digested and absorbed. Lowering fat intake at breakfast also prevents any gastrointestinal issues during training.”



MSC Nutrition Key Insight:

“Take a strategic dose of carbohydrates and protein post training which will replenish depleted glycogen stores and stimulate the growth and regeneration of new muscle tissue.”



MSC Nutrition Key Insight:

“Milk is a great source of protein and it is a far better rehydration drink than water due to the electrolyte content.”



MSC Nutrition Key Insight:

“Adequate protein levels need to be maintained to up-regulate muscle protein synthesis, essential for the growth of lean muscle mass.”



MSC Nutrition Key Insight:

“Ensure adequate glycogen levels are restored for the following day’s training along with stimulating protein synthesis for muscle growth. The mixed meal (above) enables both to be achieved.”



MSC Nutrition Key Insight:

“A key aspect of an athlete’s recovery is good quality sleep. ZMA-GH5 is a unique formula containing Magnesium, 5-HTP and Taurine which in combination relaxes the body’s nervous systems and promotes a deep and restful sleep.”